With final exams beginning next week, it is also time to begin thinking about the next term which begins in January. This page gives all the information you’ll need to complete your course registration for the next semester.

Important Deadlines

  • Credit student course registration ends January 22
  • Semester classes begin January 25
  • Drop/Add Period for credit students ends February 5

Course Registration Instructions

  • Audit students may register by contacting us using the form at the bottom of this page a at any time.
  • Credit students must fill out a separate Course Registration Form signed by their academic adviser (due by January 22, 2016).

Courses for the Next Semester

Please note that if you accessed the Textbook List prior to November 30, you will have missed a few last-minute changes. Please double-check the book list to ensure that you purchase the correct books.

Morning Classes

  • Systematic Theology 2
  • NT Survey
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Bibliology
  • Baptist History
  • Romans
  • Delivering Bible Messages

Evening Classes

  • Paul’s Epistles (Monday)
  • Personal Evangelism (Tuesday)
  • Reformation (Wednesday)
  • Doctrine of God (Thursday)

Block Classes

More details, including the course syllabus, for each block class will be published on our website in the next few months. For now, we thought you’d like to know the course dates, titles, and professors (textbooks are included in the Textbook List).

Th311 Theology of Prayer, March 2016

Th311 Theology of Prayer, March 2016

This course with Pastor Michael Miller will be offered March 14–19. The course combines a study of prayer spanning both testaments with expositions of numerous biblical prayers.

Th200 Biblical Worldview, May 2016

Th200 Biblical Worldview, May 2016

This course with Dr. Mark Ward from May 9–14 will offer a constructive presentation of the Christian worldview with application to Science, Government, Gender Roles, History, Culture, and the Arts.

Interested? Questions?

If you’d like to register to audit a course, or just ask us a question, please contact us.