Important Deadlines

  • Credit student course registration ends August 19
  • Block class on Revelation (see below), August 22–27
  • Semester classes begin August 29
  • Drop/Add Period for credit students ends September 9

Course Registration Instructions

  • Audit students may register by contacting us using the form at the bottom of this page at any time.
  • Credit students must fill out a separate Course Registration Form signed by their academic adviser (due by August 19, 2015).

Tuition Increase

Please note that our Tuition and Fees are increasing this year as follows:

  • Auditing a class now costs $100 per course.
  • Credit course tuition is now $140 per credit hour.
  • See our Tuition and Fees page for additional details.

Courses for the Fall

Morning Classes

  • Systematic Theology 1
  • Genesis
  • OT Survey
  • Christian Living
  • Fundamentalism
  • Church History Survey
  • Preparing Bible Messages

Evening Classes

  • Corinthian Epistles (Monday)
  • Church History Survey (Tuesday)
  • Hermeneutics (Wednesday)
  • Soteriology 1 (Thursday)

Block Classes

More details, including the course syllabus, for each block class will be published on our website in the next few months. For now, we thought you’d like to know the course dates, titles, and professors (textbooks are included in the Textbook List).

Exposition of Revelation, August 22–27

This course with Pastor Greg Bartlett features a survey of the book of Revelation and a comparison of competing theologies of the end times.

Greg Bartlett

Biblical Strategy of Missions, October 3–8

This course with Dr. Alan Patterson, Administrative Director of GFA Missions, presents a biblical philosophy of missions. It will also include an evaluation of current theories and trends in Protestant missions.

Alan Patterson

Interested? Questions?

If you’d like to register to audit a course, or just ask us a question, please contact us.