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Description: You will not be able to help someone in crisis until you have developed a biblical view of God’s purposes for and control of suffering and an ability to identify clearly the two natures inside the believer and how they are manifested in trials. If you are biblically dealing with the idols of your sin nature and yielding to the Divine Nature during stressful times, you can help others. (Romans 15:14; Galatians 5:16 – 6:3)

Dates: May 14-19, 2018

Instructor: Dr. Tony Miller received a B.A. in Bible and an M.A. in Theology from Bob Jones University. Dr. Miller served as pastor of Welcome Baptist Church and then Morningside Baptist Church in South Carolina for 16 years. He served at Bob Jones University as Counselor, then as Dean of Men for 23 years, while teaching ministerial and seminary courses. Through the years he has preached, counseled, and taught in many capacities in the States and abroad.


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A series of the Help! Book series, Shepherd Press (full list available in syllabus)

Available for purchase from:

  • Shepherd Press
  • Kindle from Amazon
  • Limited number of sets available through Foundation Baptist College

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