Academic Calendar

Winter 2024

January 8–13 God’s Light in the Midst of Darkness: Judges and Ruth with Evan Charles (Block Class)
Monday, January 15 Semester classes begin
Monday, February 19 Statutory holiday, all classes cancelled
March 25–29 Mid-semester Break
Monday, April 1 Statutory holiday, all classes cancelled
Friday, April 5 Mid-semester Report Cards released
Friday, April 29 Semester classes end; final payment due
April 29–May 3 Final Exam Week
May 13–18 Learning to Live Wisely: An Introduction to Ethics with Brian Collins

Fall 2024

August 26-30 Fall Block Class
Tuesday, September 3 Classes Begin
Monday, September 30 Statutory Holiday/No Classes
Monday, October 14 Statutory Holiday/No Classes
Friday, October 25 Mid-semester Report Cards Released
November 8-12 Mid-semester Break
Friday, December 14 Classes End/Final Payment Due
December 16-20  Final Exam Week

Winter 2025

January 6-10 Winter Block Class
Monday, January 13 Classes Begin
Monday, February 17 Statutory Holiday/No Classes
March 24-28 Mid-semester Break
Friday, April 4 Mid-semester Report Cards Released
Monday, April 21 Statutory Holiday/No Classes
Friday, April 26 Classes End/Final Payment Due
April 28 – May 2  Final Exam Week
May 5-9 Spring Block Class