Strategic Partnership and Accreditation

Foundation Baptist College is proud to partner with Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, Wisconsin. Maranatha has been accredited under the Higher Learning Commission for over 25 years and is listed in the Higher Education Directory of the United States Department of Education.

Students studying at Foundation will earn most of their credits through our in-person or online classes. They will also benefit from credits earned at Maranatha remotely and graduate with a fully accredited diploma from Maranatha.

Our students may pursue one of three different tracks towards earning an accredited degree:

All of the required Maranatha credits can be taken online and at a deep discount. The result is an unbeatable cost savings. Each semester at Foundation Baptist College will cost only $2,000 (CAD) and the entire four-year degree costs only $20,000 (CAD)—a mere fraction of the typical cost.

Foundation students can begin the process of transferring their credits here.