To be a credit student at FBC, you must have a testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ and a secondary school transcript, GED, or ACT score. You will need to submit the following forms:

  1. Application Form
  2. Church Reference Form (must be completed by your pastor or another official in your home church)

You will also need to arrange to have your educational transcripts or test scores sent to Foundation Baptist College. See below for information on transcripts.

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In order for your application to be complete, you will need to have your school transcripts sent to Foundation Baptist College from your academic institution. (Quebec and francophone school transcripts must be submitted in English.)


All application documents (including transcripts) may be mailed to Foundation Baptist College at the address below:

Foundation Baptist College
2215 17 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6T 1N1

Fax: 780-490-4413

Home-school graduates should submit a transcript of their educational program with their application. The transcript should be on a pre-printed transcript form, or it should be typed.

A good high school transcript should contain:

  1. A history of the subjects studied—Use titles that are clearly understood.
  2. The level of subjects studied (by grade, if possible)
    Example: English 9, English 10, etc.
  3. Unit assignments for each subject studied
    • A unit is defined as five 45 minute periods each week for 36 weeks.
    • Usually academic subjects such as English, math, science, etc., are assigned one unit per year while nonacademic subjects such as home economics, physical education, music, etc., will be assigned either one-fourth or one-half unit.
  4. An assignment of level of quality
    • Most will use a grading scale of A, B, C, D, and F.
    • If another scale is used, include an explanation of the grading scale. Example: A=94-100, B=87-93, etc.
    • We do not recommend the use of a pass/fail system.
  5. Clear explanations of any special considerations or variations
    • If Accelerated Christian Education or Alpha Omega use Pace or LifePac numbers.
  6. An identification of all extracurricular activities
  7. A graduation date
General Equivalency Diplomas
If you have a G.E.D., you may arrange to have your test scores sent to Foundation Baptist College in lieu of a school transcript.
ACT scores
Home-schooled students may prefer to take the ACT (American College Testing), including the optional writing test, in lieu of the GED or submitting transcripts. To do so, you must register via ACT and submit your score once your test is complete.