What if you could studied every section of Scripture and each book? What if you learned about each major doctrine? And along the way you learned how to interpret Scripture, communicate it clearly, and apply it to life?
Let us guide you in the process as we take the journey together! 

The Bachelor of Theology in Bible offers the broadest and most flexibly pathway. You can also choose to further specialize with a missions emphasis or Greek proficiency, letting you focus five of your classes (10 credits) on your specialty.

Systematic and Biblical Theology (14 credits)

Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Christian doctrine and scriptural understanding. These courses offer a comprehensive view of biblical theology, fostering a robust understanding of key Christian beliefs. This foundation is not just academic; it equips students to confidently share and apply these truths in diverse contexts, enhancing their ability to minister effectively.

Practical Theology (18 credits)

Practical Theology is where faith meets practice. This segment focuses on the application of biblical truths to everyday life and ministry. Students learn how to navigate real-world challenges using scriptural guidance, preparing them to offer relevant, compassionate counsel and leadership in their communities.

Languages and Exegesis (12 credits)

Unlock the original languages of the Bible for a more nuanced understanding of the Scriptures. This category equips students with the tools for accurate exegesis and interpretation, ensuring they can access the depth and richness of biblical texts directly. This skill is invaluable for those seeking to teach or preach with authenticity and precision.

Church History (8 credits)

Understanding the journey of the church through history is crucial for contextualizing the present and shaping the future. These courses offer insights into the triumphs and trials of the church over the centuries, fostering a deeper appreciation of our heritage and informing current ministry practices.

Bible Exposition (26 credits)

These courses form the backbone of the program, immersing students in detailed study of the Scriptures. Covering a wide range of biblical books and genres, this category ensures that graduates have a comprehensive, verse-by-verse understanding of the Bible, equipping them to share and explain Scripture with clarity and conviction.

General Education (30 credits)

A well-rounded education is foundational to effective ministry. General Education courses broaden perspectives, enhance critical thinking, and provide essential skills in communication, reasoning, and cultural understanding. These abilities are vital for engaging effectively in diverse ministry contexts.

We built our schedule to accommodate the busy lives of working students. We understand the challenge of balancing work, family, and education. That’s why we offer a wide variety of schedule formats to fit your lifestyle. Choose the schedule that fits your life!

We have also worked hard to keep our programs affordable, enabling you to pursue your educational goals without the burden of financial stress. We want you to graduate debt-free, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your path to ministry.



Regular Bachelor of Theology in Bible

The standard Bachelor of Theology in Bible offers the most comprehensive and flexible pathway. It’s designed for those seeking a broad, well-rounded education in biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry skills. It gives you versatility for your future roles. The broad curriculum ensures a deep and wide understanding of the Bible, theology, and practical ministry.


Bachelor of Theology in Bible with a Missions Emphasis

For those interested in cross-cultural ministry, this emphasis integrates an additional 10 credits focused on missions. You will study cross-cultural communication, mission strategy, and the history of missions, preparing you for diverse cultural contexts.


Bachelor of Theology in Bible with Greek Proficiency

By integrating 15 credits in Greek, this emphasis gives you the ability to read the Greek New Testament for yourself. It is ideal for future teachers, preachers, or advanced students of theology by equipping students with a valuable tool for exegetical scholarship and Bible study.

schedule information

Schedule Format Details
Evening Classes Available from 7-9 PM, ideal for students who work during the day.
One-Week Block Classes Intensive learning experience, covering course material in a single week.
Saturday Classes Four hours each, spread over six Saturdays, perfect for weekend availability.
Sunday Night Classes Designed for those who prefer weekend learning, held on Sunday evenings.
Online Availability All classes are also available online, providing flexibility to study from anywhere at any time.



is committed to forging the next link in the chain of biblical ministry. God committed that ministry to Paul, and Paul to Timothy. Then Paul commands Timothy to commit it to other faithful men so that they in turn, can entrust it to others. From generation to generation it has finally come to us by the good hand of God, and it is now our responsibility to pass it on to others.

student Testimonials

One of the biggest blessing that I had is being at Foundation Baptist College, learning the word of God, how to rightly divide it to teach it with others. Building us up as an ambassadors for the cross has been essential to the school and that’s a vision that I can be a part of.


Foundation Baptist College has been used by God to teach me not only the historic theological disciplines of the faith, whether its systematic, biblical, historical, experiential or practical, but it’s thought me how to apply those truths in ways that will glorify God in my life and in ministry of the church and in my community as well.


Foundation Baptist College has impacted my life in tremendous ways, I realized coming to the college that it was much more than academics that it doesn’t just stay in my head, its for me to live out what I learned. The classes and the courses always aligns with what I’m doing in the ministry.


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