Foundation Baptist College



You need training to read and teach God’s Word accurately. Deep study and deep devotion are not enemies.

Men & Women

men & women

God gifts both men and women for service to His people, so we train both men and women to read, teach, and live God’s Word.

for effective service

for effective service

Christ came not to call the healthy but the sick, and churches are full of people with needs. What they need is the Word.

in the local church

in the local church

Parachurch ministries have to exist—somebody has to print hymnals. But our focus is training gifted servants for local churches.

FOUNDATION BAPTIST COLLEGE is committed to forging the next link in the chain of biblical ministry. God committed that ministry to Paul, and Paul to Timothy. Then Paul commands Timothy to commit it to other faithful men so that they in turn, can entrust it to others. From generation to generation it has finally come to us by the good hand of God, and it is now our responsibility to pass it on to others.