“Who needs formal education? We have the internet and more books than we can read. Why can’t I just educate myself by reading?”

The view has a certain appeal to it. Getting access to enough information is certainly not our problem in 2023! But already, it points to a few considerations to bear in mind.

  1. You might be able to educate yourself by reading. But will you? Just as I have a tendency to run more miles once I’m committed to an upcoming race, you will grow more with the accountability of a structured program.
  2. What will you choose to study? It’s only too tempting to reach for books that interest you or that you already agree with. But don’t underestimate the benefit of being directed to the best books or experiencing a time- tested program designed to insure your education is complete.
  3. Learning is not just gathering information. It is developing a disciplined pattern of thinking, biblical discretion, and forming habits of wisdom. This comes through direct mentorship and personal interaction. Look for a program where you will walk alongside of your professors and where they show you life examples that you want to personally emulate.

I believe these ideas deeply because I was myself the beneficiary of formal education. My own studies opened opportunities I would never have imagined.

And we want that for you. This semester we are going to work hard together, even through topics and resources that we might not have chosen for ourselves. And in the process, we will pursue the goal of true education— wisdom and the fear of the Lord.