The Biblical Worldview Certificate is designed for students in their gap year. It’s a perfect foundation preparing students for a range of academic fields. In only one year and with minimal cost, you can achieve this milestone and set a solid foundation for a lifetime of biblical understanding.

Establishing a Biblical Foundation

The Bible Core Classes give you the critical pieces for understanding Scripture’s storyline, an overview of doctrine, how to read your Bible, the Old and New Testaments, and spiritual growth.

Customized to Answer Your Questions

Alongside of the core, you can choose 18 credits (around 9 classes) that fit your needs and interests. These can be chosen from across our entire catalog, truly giving you the chance to design a program that fits what you need to learn.

Flexible Scheduling

Studying full time, you can complete the certificate in only one year. Or take your time as life and schedule allow. We understand the challenge of balancing work, family, and education. Choose the schedule that fits your life!

Graduate Without Debt

We exist to prepare pastors and strengthen believers. Neither goal happens if you graduate with a large debt. That’s why we’re proud of maintaining an unbeatably affordable program.

Programs Quick List

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What if you could studied every section of Scripture and each book? What if you learned about each major doctrine? And along the way you learned how to interpret Scripture, communicate it clearly, and apply it to life?
Let us guide you in the process as we take the journey together!


The Master of Theology gives you a toolbox carefully created for those aspiring to transform lives through professional ministry. This advanced program offers a profound understanding of biblical texts, equipping you with the intellectual depth and practical skills essential for effective leadership and ministry. It’s an investment in a fulfilling career that merges academic rigor with spiritual growth, enabling you to navigate and impart complex theological concepts with clarity and conviction. Begin this journey to deepen your faith and expand your impact in ministry.

schedule information

Schedule Format Details
Evening Classes Available from 7-9 PM, ideal for students who work during the day.
One-Week Block Classes Intensive learning experience, covering course material in a single week.
Saturday Classes Four hours each, spread over six Saturdays, perfect for weekend availability.
Sunday Night Classes Designed for those who prefer weekend learning, held on Sunday evenings.
Online Availability All classes are also available online, providing flexibility to study from anywhere at any time.



is committed to forging the next link in the chain of biblical ministry. God committed that ministry to Paul, and Paul to Timothy. Then Paul commands Timothy to commit it to other faithful men so that they in turn, can entrust it to others. From generation to generation it has finally come to us by the good hand of God, and it is now our responsibility to pass it on to others.

student Testimonials

One of the biggest blessing that I had is being at Foundation Baptist College, learning the word of God, how to rightly divide it to teach it with others. Building us up as an ambassadors for the cross has been essential to the school and that’s a vision that I can be a part of.


Foundation Baptist College has been used by God to teach me not only the historic theological disciplines of the faith, whether its systematic, biblical, historical, experiential or practical, but it’s thought me how to apply those truths in ways that will glorify God in my life and in ministry of the church and in my community as well.


Foundation Baptist College has impacted my life in tremendous ways, I realized coming to the college that it was much more than academics that it doesn’t just stay in my head, its for me to live out what I learned. The classes and the courses always aligns with what I’m doing in the ministry.


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