Separate courses cost $210 per credit hour. For instance, a two-credit course costs $420 and a three-credit course costs $630. A discount applies to students who register for a full-time load, defined as 8 credit hours per semester. Full-time students pay $1,600 per semester regardless of load. In addition to tuition, credit students pay an administrative fee of $65 each semester to help cover the cost of record-keeping and other administrative tasks.


Individuals who do not wish to receive course credit are welcome to audit any of our courses. The fee to audit a course is $100.


Students are responsible to purchase their own textbooks. Students should consult the current year’s Textbook List (posted with the Schedule of Classes) to obtain necessary books for their courses.


Tuition (credit students) $210 per credit hour; $1,600 for 8 or more credits
Administrative Fee $65 per semester
Audit fee (non-credit students) $100 per course
Textbooks Costs vary


Cheques must be payable to “Foundation Baptist College.” E-transfer can be made to tuition [at] foundationbaptistcollege [dot] com. Students are encouraged to pay their semester bills in full. However, they may pay for courses in four separate payments over the course of the semester. The first payment is due on the first day of classes. Final payment is due before final exams begin. Dates can be found in the Academic Calendar. Students will not receive their grades for the semester until all outstanding fees are paid.

PayPal or Cheque

If e-transfer is not possible, we do also accept PayPal or cheque.

Financial Aid

Some limited financial aid is available for students. Students with financial need should inquire with their academic advisor about available options.