Donations to Foundation Baptist College are tax-deductible


EDMONTON, AB—In a letter dated September 16, 2014, Brian Emberley of the Canada Revenue Agency states that Foundation Baptist College “meets the requirements for charitable registration under the Income Tax Act.” With the privilege of Charitable Status comes the ability to issue official donation receipts for tax purposes, providing a significant benefit to Foundation Baptist College supporters.

To achieve Charitable Status, Foundation Baptist College pursued several foundational steps:

  • The college formed its own governing board of directors in the fall of 2012, providing administrative oversight and direction.
  • After operating for several years as an unincorporated ministry of Meadowlands Baptist Church, Foundation Baptist College incorporated as an Alberta Non-Profit company on October 18, 2013.
  • Subsequent to incorporation, the college made several key amendments to its foundational documents, clarifying its purpose and administrative structure.

About Foundation Baptist College: Foundation Baptist College is a private (not-for-profit) post-secondary school for Christian adults. Founded in 2009, Foundation Baptist College trains men and women for effective service in the local church.